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we help your business to find its way to...

formulate, visualize and communicate

your company vision

create an impressive opening ceremony

organize a creative team-building seminar

make a memorable

high-level official meeting

communicate efficiently within and outside the company

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we make serious people smile and be open for discussion

ice-breaker and playful way to get-to-know each other better

creation of a positive, open and creative atmosphere

enhancement of collaboration and people involvement

enrichment of motivation towards a common goal

alignment in understanding things

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we make models that benefit your business

as a representation of your team (e.g. to put on reception / conference room)

as a very special present for VIP of the corporate event

as a visualization of corporate strategy / vision

as a give-away to your customers

(coming soon)

for other special purposes – just let us know your wishes

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we get the views and ideas not just communicated,

but rather really materialized and accepted

process map /

value stream

change story


vision /

innovation ideas

business model



© 2015 modelling [h]our

we visualize your company vision and help your partners / employees to identify themselves with it

support and facilitation by vision formulation



[ we organize brainstorming visualization workshop ]

creation of the model of the vision



[ the model is hand-made according to your wishes ]

people involvement through series of modelling hour workshops


[ where each stake-holder can become really part of the big picture and identify her/himself with it ]

communication and presentation of  the ready vision


[ we consult on the best place for the vision model and ways to communicate it ]

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we are proud to support your team and get your acknowledgement

impressions from modelling [h]our official meetings

Super idea! Something completely different. Modelling [h]our was a successful activity and a real highlight in the events organized for the staff exchange program between DB (German railways) and RZD (Russian Railways).


That was a lot of fun to paint the figures together. The modeling [h]our was a perfect ice-breaker for this intensive business program. At the end participants created a long-lasting memory in the form of two railway models. The organization was perfect.

Katja K.

Deutsche Bahn

Perfect team-working-activity!


Not so much time needed, but makes a lot of fun and brings great results!


Fully recommended!!! :)

Kamila A.

DB Schenker Rail

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contact us to bring your partners and colleagues to open collaboration as well

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